January 2020 – The Work Weekend

This year’s work weekend sees us start a major task, that being to remove the bridge by the swimming pools, re-align the track and then rebuild the bridge.

The issue here is that by re-aligning the track, it changes the curve and therefore moves the track away from the platform at Hardham Halt. This means that a lot of the undergrowth needs to be removed too to make way for the new track before we can then extend the platform at Hardham Halt, which will then give more room on the platform for when it becomes “North Pole”, where there is always a crowd of people either waiting to get to see Santa, or waiting for the return train from the North Pole.

Pictures in the gallery below show the old bridge being dismantled, the new bridge starting to be constructed, clearance of some of the undergrowth, and the new bridge with some rail laid on it.

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