April 2022 – Loco and C&W Department news

Since Flying Scotsman’s boiler was condemned earlier this year, Paul Cowlin has been busy improving the timing and porting of the loco and other parts. Scotsman will be out of service for a while, with around an 18 month waiting period for the new boiler. Work has progressed on with the Merchant and Coronation, by Harry Spencer. The boiler is back in Coronation’s frames, and the Loco has new piston rings. Cunard has had its first steaming at SDLR, there is more testing to come.

Two new open coaches have been purchased by the society. These two coaches are identical to each other, and are of similar design to the Mardyke coaches already at the railway. They both ran originally at Poole Park Railway. Work has yet to start on the coaches, but plans for refurbishment are set for 2023. There is a lot of tidying and painting to do as well as adding brakes to them.

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